Better Bites Bakery

Better Bites Bakery


My husband and I stopped by a demo at Whole Foods to try some of this company's sweets and all I can say is WOW! If you have a sweet tooth and are looking for something without any allergens or for something all natural, YOU HAVE TO TRY THEM!!! Better Bites Bakery is absolutely delicious!!

Everything on this menu is made without peanuts, gluten, dairy, and no artificial colors or preservatives. They are also able to accommodate these dietary restrictions:

  • soy-free
  • corn-free
  • nut-free
  • rice-free
  • egg-free

Who They Are

Better Bites Bakery was co-founded by 2 moms who were determined to feed their kids fun foods despite their multiple food allergies. They set out on a mission together to share what they learned with other families around Austin. It started with the belief that food should bring us all joy and togetherness. Seeing 5 different types of treats at a birthday party (for all of the various allergies) prompted us to come up with alternatives that everyone could eat… together. Nothing brings us more joy than nourishing those we love through taste good, feel good foods. We hope you feel the love we put into each and every bite. Being able to share our scrumptious creations with others who are also striving to feed their families well is, quite literally, the icing on the cupcake!

Leah Lopez- Owner

Food is a BLESSING. With that said trying to wrap my brain around the idea of a Wheat Free diet was quite difficult, yet necessary. Both my son and I have a severe wheat allergy. The moment we finally embraced our new journey the creative cooking began. Much to my surprise the results tasted great! I soon began cooking entirely wheat-free and my two sons and husband didn’t seem to mind the change and actually have been able to enjoy the added health benefits as well. In learning about the benefits of a gluten free diet, I eventually discovered all of the many other health concerns that can come from the foods we choose to eat. The disturbing facts around our food have led me to be much more intentional about the ingredients I put into my recipes. The more natural, the better.

Thru this lifestyle change I have discovered immense joy in cooking for others that have food challenges. It didn’t take me long after my diagnosis to discover that most options that are available at the store leave something to be desired. I strive to make foods that taste just as good (if not better!) than the “real” thing. I hope you’ll agree!