Starting Some Seeds!!

My husband and I are going to build an organic vegetable garden in our backyard this weekend and I'M SO EXCITED! We decided this year to start from organic seeds, instead of a plant from the nursery. According to what I've read we are to start the seedlings indoors right now (February) and can plant once they sprout and the ground temperature gets a little warmer. It seems simple enough, we got this seeding starter from Walmart (but there are cheaper DIY ways to do this on Pinterest), put the seeds in the middle and added water to it. TA DA! We are thinking April 1st these babies will go into the ground! We have a spot in our yard that gets plenty of sunshine and will get busy building a garden with a little help from Pinterest and Home Depot. I will definitely be posting pictures of that adventure this weekend! We do plan on making this an organic garden, so we will probably encounter plenty of obstacles (bugs, disease, rot) along the way. But you don't know until you try, so here we go! Keep in mind, I do live in north Texas and the planting time may not be the same where you live, so be sure to look that up! I would love to hear any suggestions or experiences if you have some to share!