A month before my bridal portraits and 3 months before my wedding, I started getting a weird RASH ALL OVER MY FACE!!! It was awful and literally covered my forehead, cheeks, nose (this picture was just the beginning). I need to mention I also have random itchy spots, rashes, and an itchy head on and off too but learned to ignore them because they always went away. It couldn't have happened at a worse time because I was also starting to have an itchy head and dandruff and was supposed to be pretty for my pictures and my wedding! What was happening?!!

I went to my dermatologist a week later, when I realized this rash was not going anywhere. She gave me some prescription face wash and some cream to put on it. It definitely relived the swelling and redness some, but this thing was not going away and within a few weeks came right back full strength! Since I was also developing an allergic reaction to lidocaine (I'll share these details maybe next time), I decided to see an allergist and figure out if this was also an allergy. Sure enough I was allergic to some chemicals that are commonly found and were found in my face wash, face lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, sunscreen, MAKEUP, and just about everything else I was using.

After a week of comparing ingredients to my allergy list, I was able to find products that my body would tolerate. Funny thing was, that they were all mostly natural products. I sometimes feel like I'm becoming a hippy as I go to the organic beauty section of the grocery store, but there are quite a few "fun" products out there! I've shared some links below of different products that I like to use and have found relief in. I'm still heading toward more natural products and will share my experience along the way.

Bottom Line: Think twice about what you're putting on your body and if you are having a reaction to something, try using something more natural.