At the end of 2007, while "enjoying" college like the average college student, I began to have anxiety attacks that led to severe pain in my right side. These attacks, the weight drop, and the pain eventually hospitalized me a couple months later. It took a week of testing to discover that my Gaul bladder was operating at around 3% out of 100%. The theory was that the adrenaline released by my anxiety sped up my metabolism to the point that my Gaul bladder could not keep up and consequently it stopped working. My food could not be digested without the bile from my Gaul bladder and therefore was not being broken down to be absorbed by my body.

The story of my anxiety is for another time, but to fix my digestion problem the doctors decided to remove my Gaul bladder, leaving me forever with a sensitive digestive system. I have had severe IBS since the day my Gaul bladder was removed. If you don't know what that is, look it up! Sharing the details with you would not only gross you out but also horribly embarrass my husband I quickly discovered some "trigger" foods to avoid and after a year or so finally started taking Probiotics, as suggested by my doctor. The Probiotics definitely helped for a time, but eventually led to other problems because they were disrupting the balance of other good bacteria that our bodies need.

So long story short, I've been suffering for nearly 7 years before I discovered that eating more organic food and MORE PROTEIN was the trick. If I don't have one 30 gram protein shake a day, in addition to my regular, fairly healthy meals (that I try to maximize the protein), then I can almost guarantee myself a pretty crappy day.