Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is WONDERFUL!

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I have been experimenting with it and had some trial and error moments (see Facebook posts below), but I keep finding better ways to use it! Currently I use it as a hair treatment, sparingly I might add if you use all-natural shampoo because it will not come out as easily as with regular shampoo. I put it on after my evening shower as a body AND FACE lotion. I was terrified I would breakout while using it, because I have sensitive skin, but it actually had the opposite effect and shrunk some under the skin pimples that were brewing! (TMI?) It does feel greasy when you first apply it, but it soaks in amazingly well and leaves your skin feeling and looking hydrated, not greasy. People say you can use it as shaving cream, but I would not recommend it because it clogs up your razor. I have yet to cook with it (we've been setting up our home since recently moving) but will get back at it soon. It apparently is great to cook with, because not only is it healthy, but also cooks at a higher temperature. 

Cooking with Coconut Oil FAQ

So why use Coconut oil?

Well it's really confusing doing research and seeing medical sources like WebMD contradict health websites that promote the use of Coconut oil. The more research I do the more I see medical sources encourage the use of medicine/synthetic products and discourage the use of products the good Lord provided for us in nature... I know medicine is definitely a gift and often needed, but I want to wait until I NEED it to use it and the more natural I get the less I have a need for it...

So needless to say, Organic Coconut Oil:

So again, I'm no expert at this health stuff. I'm just a blogger on a mission to make myself (and hopefully someone else, anyone?) healthier and sharing my experience as I go. Let me know if you have used coconut oil and what your experience was and other ways you enjoy using it. In the meantime, me and my coconut oil are having a great time!