Natural Deodorant!

I have to admit, I was EXTREMELY skeptical of even going here on my all natural journey... I'm going to get a little personal here, I SWEAT! I have been using prescription strength deodorant and avoiding clothes that hug my underarms for as long as I can remember. I know we were made to sweat and it is part of how our body cleanses itself of some toxins, but I'm talking about a dripping sweat that no one is comfortable with. So when I thought natural deodorant, I had a fear of my co-workers and husband thinking I'd abandoned showers and this picture of my armpits dripping and people crying when I came around. We all have encountered someone we know who does not use deodorant and that is not exactly what I had in mind as a newly wed or just a clean human being in general. So I have avoided going there, until now.

I read an article in Clean Living Magazine by HotForFoodBlog about how to make your own deodorant that got me curious. ~ At the moment, I have not made the time to actually follow her recipe, but will post about it when I do :) ~ In her article she talked about a 2-3 week "adjustment period" where your body will sweat out the old toxins. I actually commented on HotForFoodBlog's article and shared with her my fears of trying something all natural and my concerns with that 2-3 week "adjustment period". She assured me that "You might have slightly more of a natural body odour then a baby powder smell that you're used BUT only if you were to stick someone's nose right into your armpit." I figured what the heck, here goes nothing.

I've read studies that can link antiperspirants/deodorants to breast cancer and some doctors firmly believe this, but there is no conclusive evidence that it does or does not cause it. I can say that I know several friends who have had lumps removed and the idea of putting harmful chemicals under my arms every day just doesn't sit right. I already have enough allergies caused by chemicals in personal care products (which I now have to scrutinize and mostly avoid), consume chemicals from plenty of foods, probably breathe plenty from the air, and have decided to do better where I have the choice and control. So a couple months ago a set out using Alba's Clear Enzyme Deodorant Stick in Lavender.


I chose this one because it was the only one that I could find in a sample size at Whole Foods. I used this deodorant for 6 weeks and did sweat quite a bit for the first 10 days and had to apply frequently for odor. I asked everyone I hugged if they could smell me (because I could smell myself) and their response was always no. I might add that they were credible sources to tell me the truth haha. I actually made my husband put his nose in my armpit and he said he could barely smell anything. Now either he is really sucking up and trying to sway my readers or was being honest. After the first couple of weeks the sweating decreased, the odor went away completely, and my armpits never itched! (I forgot to mention they would itch when I used the prescription strength stuff.)

When I ran out of this deodorant, I decided I was ready to find a truly USDA certified Organic deodorant and came across Nourish's Organic Deodorant in Lavender Mint (pictured at the top). I love MINT! So I was excited to try this one. This one is even better than the alba one. I do not sweat at all, have no odor, and feel clean under my arms. The weirdest adjustment are these little salt crystals in it, so it feels a little rough when applying but I absolutely am a huge fan! Using natural deodorant may not be your thing, but hopefully if you were unsure before for the same reasons I was you can now boldly try it without worry!